Five signs of a gambling addict

Alfred Chan Sport

A follower of many sports, my eyes light up when the final leg of a multi comes through. From the highs of a big payout to the lows of a losing ‘sure thing’, the life of a punter tends to add unnecessary stress to everyday life.

Having seen the effects of gambling addiction several times amidst friends and family, one of my greatest fears is I will fall victim to this mental impairment. In a solemn moment of silence following an upset win by Norwich over Newcastle in the English Premier League, I recollected the source of damage inflicted to myself and countless others.

That rectangular piece of plastic has ruined the lives of those close to me. Staring at my roof, still fuming at Newcastle (I tweeted “Damnit Newcastle!!!”); I struck an obvious realisation.

Why am I blaming Newcastle? I did this to myself.

Sacrificing a good night’s sleep…

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