An end to summer time in Bremen

Last weekend marked the end to the 2012 Daylight Saving season (which starts on the last Sunday of March every year) as the clocks went back and the darker evenings descend. On Sunday October 28 at 03:00 a.m. in the Netherlands I had to set back the clock an hour behind for the annual shift back to standard time. However,In Germany six Werder Bremen players forgot to do that and turned up late for training.

The sextet had forgotten that Thomas Schaaf had told them on Sunday that Werder Bremen would be training thirty minutes earlier than normal during winter (now at 14.30 instead of 15.00) because the change in time had caused darkness to fall at an earlier hour. But the six players (Eljero Elia ,Assani Lukimya, Sokratis Papastathopoulos, Aleksandar Ignjovski, Joseph Akpala and Philipp Bargfrede) either forgot Schaaf’s message or were still in the summer mood.

Philipp Bargfrede was 27 minutes late and said: “The coach told the group about the change in plans but I was not aware.”

 “I have not shifted the clock to standard time. I forgot to do that. I am still living in the summer. This will never happen again.”-Assani Lukimya

The time change that moves daylight from the evening to the morning has created a lot of controversy. It has affected transportation,farming,trade,sports and other sectors in Russia over the years. Russia therefore decided to end its last summer time switching after moving the clocks forward in 2011, and is now observing the time that formerly was summer, all year round. Other countries also want to follow suit , citing the possible health concerns and  that surround it

Most urban workers ,businessesmen and sportsmen want the system to stay as it will boost the economy,promote outdoor leisure activities in the evening and save energy. Others want to keep it because it is great for one’s sleep.

What is your opinion on the summer time change? Maybe Elia and his mates might have the right answer.


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