The Outside Wall’s View About Beautiful Bundesliga


Unless a household is owned by a German ‘Boga’, or it’s tenants crave for  equality in equitable distribution of Supersport (DSTV) packages, hardly would one  notice a football fan in my country who pays attention to the quality the German League throws to its shores.

I have been fortunate enough to relocate between major cities (yet to live in villages of course), which does gives me a braggart’s right to definitely serve me a dinner table of whatsoever my soul wishes to talk about. Go to any Pub in Tema, ask of  ‘German Machine’, and it would not be shocking to see the a countless number of regular drunkards (without pondering over) pointing their fingers from far yonder in the east, west direction locating Community 9.

I emphatically point out how strange to realise a wide range of self acclaimed football experts who have a far-fetched knowledge about the beautiful game. Not…

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