Are we ready for the World?

The Technical Bench

One would have expected that the down side of the Ghana vrs Zambia match may well have been the poor performance of the team on the day despite qualifying for the next round.  Even the issue of the stadium being full to the brim with ticket holders waiting to get in still outside was another reason for discontent.  But on the contrary none of these two issues were more disconcerting than what happened at half time.

With the stadium overcrowded we are all very fortunate that it was not a very hot day because we all know what happens in our stadia when it is hot and accommodating more people than it should.  The end result is people die from asphyxiation stemming from being crushed under the weight of an enthusiastic and uncontrollable crowd.

Hundreds of people had to stand to watch the match and in doing so ended up…

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