Football transfer deadline day has become the mainstay for surprises these days and this season’s summer deadline day special was no exception. Germany playmaker, Mesut Ozil’s wonder move from Real Madrid to Arsenal was much to the chagrin of most Madridistas but a delight for Gunners. Arsene Wenger shipped 42.5 million pounds (50 million euros) to Iberia as Florentino Perez and other big wigs at Real Madrid smiled all the way to the bank, to cash Real Madrid’s biggest transfer sale ever. But will the move satisfy all parties involved?


Ozil is a Gunner

Vision, assists, technique, assists, quick feet, assists, class, assists, elegance, assists and many more assists. These are but a few of the 24 year old’s attributes. Since joining Real Madrid, the former Werder Bremen player has developed into a truly top class central attacking midfielder under the guidance of Jose Mourinho. A quick look at his out-of-this-world stats would cause one to stagger, and it tells half the story;

49 – Starts for club and country in 2009/2010; 11 Goals and 20 Assists.

60 – Starts for club and country 2010/2011; 12 – Goals and 31 – Assists.

54 – Starts for club and country 2011/2012; 13 – Goals and 26 – Assists.

59 – Starts for club and country in 2012/2013; 16 – Goals and 35 – Assists.

222 – Total starts in the last 4 years (55.5 per season)

52 – Goals (13 per season)

112 – Assists (28 per season).

From the stats above, Ozil’s performance takes a positive dimension every new season and can only get better at Arsenal under legendary gaffer, Arsene Wenger, who has carved a niche for himself in the area of grooming young talented players. The midfielder is a constant work in progress, and it’s just a matter of time before he reaches his peak. The 2009 European Under 21 winner’s arrival at the Emirates stadium will boost the image of the club. Arsenal can become title contenders once again. Christmas has come too early for Arsenal striker, Oliver Giroud. His present? Mesut Ozil!! The French international should be the happiest footballer on earth now. He now has a clever, creative midfielder playing just behind him. Giroud needs a goal? Let him call Mesut for ASSISTance. The former Montpellier goal poacher does not have any excuse whatsoever, not to score more than 25 goals in all competitions this season. Olivier can only ask for more. And with the likes of Theo Walcott, Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere already in the team, Arsenal fans can now emerge from their hiding caves and support their team with pride and hope. Ozil’s fellow countrymen, Per Metersacker and Lukas Podolski will help their colleague settle in England and will be influential in integrating him. Ozil signing for Arsenal means other high profile players from across the globe will be attracted to the North London club. The beginning of Arsenal’s own “Galácticos project??


The most expensive German player felt unappreciated at Real Madrid and revealed  that he was rarely hailed during his three year stay in Spain, meanwhile,  Madridistas chanted for Isco during his first game for Real Madrid. Ozil, who won three trophies with Real Madrid in three seasons, had been disgruntled over the past few months. Isco’s arrival at the Bernabeu meant that Madrid now possessed two world class playmakers. It’s almost like a taboo in the books of football purists for a football manager to field two players of a similar playing style, more so, two playmakers in the same team. The partnership of Isco and Ozil (Iscozil) that Madridistas yearned for never materialised. Isco outperformed Ozil in the few games they both featured. The German was dispatched to the right wing, a less familiar role whilst the 2012 Golden Boy award winner, Isco, was handed the playmaker role. Ozil was not happy. And then, there was this small matter of Gareth Bale. Real Madrid broke the world football transfer record for the 5th time to sign Gareth Bale for 86 million pounds. The left-sided winger is expected to complete a deadly trident alongside Isco and Ronaldo, relegating Ozil to the bench. Ozil had every reason to switch the Bernabeu for the Emirates. Carlo Ancelotti clearly prefers Isco to Ozil. Ozil leaving Real Madrid has a positive ramification; one of the youth players will get the chance to shine. Instead of bringing on Ozil for Bale (or Isco ) in the 74th minute, Carlo Ancelotti can now bring on Morata or Jese Rodriguez. Real Madrid bought Ozil for 15 million euros three seasons ago. He has been sold for 50 million euros and that’s the sort of business clubs like Porto and Benfica will endorse and be proud of.

Mesut is Gunner be a well Oziled machine for the future – HOW MESUT OZIL CAN BENEFIT FROM HIS MOVE TO ARSENAL


 Mesut Ozil would have been relegated to a mere bit part player at Real Madrid for the 2013/2014 season, no doubt. But what’s more? A World Cup year is approaching and competition for places in the German national team is getting tighter at an alarming rate, especially in the position that Ozil thrives; Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund), Julian Draxler (Schalke 04), Mario Gotze (Bayern Munich) and a few other quality German players are assured of first team play in their respective clubs. Mesut Ozil wasting his talent on the bench at Real Madrid may jeopardise his World Cup ambition in 2014. A bit unfair for a player who, over the past few seasons, has sometimes been the “go to” option when Cristiano Ronaldo had “off days” on the field.  Instead of warming the bench at Real Madrid, the exciting attacking midfielder will warm the heart of Arsenal fans in London. At Arsenal, Ozil, who was the 2011/2012 La Liga top assist provider, will be guaranteed a starting berth and lots of playing time. He will be the star player at Arsenal. He will start and finish moves. His style of play suits Arsenal. He has a great pass completion rate (84 per cent in La Liga last season). He will start and complete intricate passing moves with a lovely assist. He will score goals. He will bring much joy to Gunners; a precious pearl. As mentioned earlier, Ozil will continue his development at Arsenal and his rise to the very top level will be polished, shaped and engineered by no other than Arsene Wenger. The French manager has a lot of “faith” in Mesut Ozil, it seems, as the German midfielder of Turkish descent reiterated the word “faith” 45, 623 times in an opening statement after signing for Arsenal. Oh, that joy in playing for a manager who has “faith” in you.  Mesut Ozil’s move to Arsenal is also financially rewarding for him as he will earn a whooping 150, 000 pounds every week. At Arsenal, he will be appreciated, unlike at Real Madrid. The fans will chant his name. MESUT OZIL! MESUT OZIL! And of course, he will repay that “faith” that Wenger had in him with several breath-taking world class performances.


At the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved; Arsenal, Real Madrid and the player himself. All of a sudden, Arsenal can now be “considered” title contenders because they now have a world class player in their ranks. Real Madrid have gotten rid of a disgruntled player and in the process, been rewarded financially from the transfer sale. Mesut himself will develop and still play top level football at Arsenal. Playing at Arsenal will be a new challenge for the assist master. New club, new environment, new team mates, new league, but world class players thrive everywhere they find themselves, and that sets them apart. At the end of the day, when the curtain is drawn on his Arsenal career, Mesut Ozil’s name shall surely be etched in the memories of all Arsenal fans. Mesut Ozil has switched off the lights at the Bernabeu Stadium; He will definitely light up the Emirates Stadium.

Ozil  Ozil is a GUNNERManschafft

The GODZILA! Theo Walcott, Giroud, Ozil and Cazorla are expected to form a classy tandem

German Company: Ozil will feel at home at Arsenal
German Company: Ozil will feel at home at Arsenal

by MADRIDISTA FIRMER  (@donfirmer)



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