Palermo sack Gattuso, Iachini appointed new coach

Gennaro Gattuso’s reign at Palermo has lasted only six competitive games as he was sacked today. Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini has now sacked 28 managers in his 12 seasons at the Rosanero since buying the Serie B club from former AS Roma chairman Franco Sensi.

Palermo club president and owner Maurizio Zamparini : “It is with deep regret that we have had to release Gennaro Gattuso from his position as coach of the squad.

“His first serious coaching position was perhaps too big a responsibility at a club as demanding as Palermo. The results have proved us wrong. I have now given Giuseppe Iachini the job of leading us back to Serie A.

Manager Reign Outcome
1 Ezio Glerean  Jun 2002-Aug 2002 Sacked
2 Daniele Arrigoni Aug 2002-Jan 2003 Sacked
3 Nedo Sonetti Jan 2003-Jul 2003 Sacked
4 Silvio Baldini Jul 2003-Jan 2004 Sacked
5 Francesco Guidolin  Jan 2004-Jun 2005 Resigned
6 Luigi Del Neri Jun 2005-Jan 2006 Sacked
7 Giuseppe Papadopulo Jan 2006-May 2006 Sacked
8 Francesco Guidolin May 2006-Apr 2007 Sacked
10 Renzo Gobbo / Rosario Pergolizzi Apr 2007-May 2007 Sacked
11 Francesco Guidolin May 2007 Resigned
12 Stefano Colantuono May 2007-Nov 2007 Sacked
13 Francesco Guidolin Nov 2007-Mar 2008 Sacked
14 Stefano Colantuono Mar 2008-Sep 2008 Sacked
15 Davide Ballardini Sep 2008-Jun 2009 Sacked
16 Walter Zenga Jun 2009-Nov 2009 Sacked
17 Delio Rossi Nov 2009-Feb 2011 Sacked
18 Serse Cosmi Feb 2011-Apr 2011 Sacked
19 Delio Rossi Apr 2011-Jun 2011 Sacked
20 Stefano Pioli Jun 2011-Aug 2011 Sacked
21 Devis Mangia Aug 2011-Dec 2011 Sacked
22 Bortolo Mutti Dec 2011-May 2012 Sacked
23 Giuseppe Sannino June 2012-Sep 2012 sacked (after 3 games)
24 Gian Piero Gasperini Sep 2012-Feb 2013 Sacked
25 Alberto Malesani Feb 2013-Feb 2013 Sacked (after 3 games)
26 Gian Piero Gasperini Feb 2013-Mar 2013 Sacked
27 Giuseppe Sannino Mar 2013-May 2013 Sacked
28 Francesco Guidolin June 2013- Sep 2013 Sacked (after 6 games)

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