Claudio Ranieri: ”I always knew I would win a title.”

Claudio Ranieri, the perennial bridesmaid spoke to Rai 3’s Processo del Lunedi show after becoming champion of England with Leicester City. ”I’ve been fighting a long time, but was always positive.”


“I am 64 years old, I’ve been fighting for a long time, but I was always positive and had positivity on my side,”

“I always thought that I would end up winning a league title somewhere eventually. I am the same man who was fired by Greece, perhaps someone there had forgotten about my career.

“It’s not as if anyone will forget, but I like to point out I am the same man who was on the Greece bench. I haven’t changed.

“I am staying at Leicester. This is a year that cannot be repeated, next year we’ll try to fight for a top-10 place, hopefully. We must continue to grow and to do well.”

“When something happens to you like this, you can’t fully realize it. Tottenham were winning at half-time, so I was a bit downhearted.

“Then when [Gary] Cahill scored, I thought something could happen. I did celebrate at [Eden] Hazard’s equalizer.”

”The only dedication I can make is to everyone. I tell you to try, try all the way, and know that you can believe.”

Ranieri was asked if it was possible for there to be a Leicester-style fairy-tale in Serie A.

”Perhaps they would need to divide up the TV rights money in a different way.”

Carlo Ancelotti and Roberto Mancini won the Premier League, so how does Ranieri feel being the ambassador for Italian football in England?

”I gladly take on this responsibility. I like to give the credit to Gianfranco Zola, as when I was in charge of Chelsea, the fans of all the other teams applauded him.”

”He was the greatest ambassador and representative of Italian football, so I like to remember him in these moments.”



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