Marco Paixao: “I predict 2-1 for Portugal.”

Polish daily Super Express spoke to Portuguese striker Marco Paixao, one of the best players in Poland’s Ekstraklasa, where he and his twin brother Flavio play for Lechia Gdańsk.


“I really appreciate Poland. They have good team with quality players. But I do believe Portugal will prevail. I predict 2-1 for Portugal, with Ronaldo and Nani scoring for us and Robert Lewandowski for Poland. Poland have defended very well but I am convinced that if they are pressed by Ronaldo and Nani, they will make some errors.

“As far as Poland is concerned, I think that at the moment it is Kamil Grosicki who is the most dangerous for Portugal. This player is really on fire here in France. Secondly, Jakub Błaszczykowski, who has also played a great tournament. Lewandowski? He is for Poles like Ronaldo for us. Both can decide a result in the fraction of a second. And will I watch the game with my Polish friends? No. I have a lot of respect for them and I am pretty sure that I will shout when Portugal score. So I prefer to watch it in my room.”


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